Red Letter Year

You know when people say “I got this idea in a dream…”? Well, that’s true about this one. This was a rush job for a year-long initiative that snuck up on us. This year-long scripture based journey was set to start at the beginning of January, and we got the green light for the project only a week or two prior to launch.

As with most projects that have a long life-span and are “top rock” priority projects, I had major creative block because of the unspoken pressure that I put on myself. Again, at nearly the 11th hour, this idea came to me in a dream.

I love this design because of the complexity and depth to it. Most people may not notice this, but as the designer, I know that the entire Sermon on the Mount scripture is laying on top of this entire design. For me, that adds something really special to me.

Looking at it now, it might not be as “simple” as our design trends are calling for, but this will probably always have my admiration because of the story behind it.

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